Having previously used game engines to create club visuals, I was compelled to push my experimentation further and create a real time audio-visual club installation. Ultimately this became Locus, an immersive, interactive installation and event at Soup Kitchen, the award winning night-club in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Using an external sound card and some basic programming, I was able to take an audio source and route it straight into my game. Splitting the audio into three separate frequency bands - Low, Mid and Hi - gave me multiple varying values I could use to manipulate objects within the game. As the game was navigated from the back of the room, various elements within the game responded to the music. The visuals were projected onto a simple translucent screen hanging between the audience and DJ booth, and were designed to capture the audience, enveloping their senses yet allowing for partial interaction with the DJ. Through shifting the focal point of a club away from a visually uneventful DJ, Locus created a visceral, immersive audio-visual club experience.